Tuesday, 22 March 2016


When we study the history of humans in this world, we find that three  components have always existed. One is religion, the other is race and the third is spirituality.
Religion is superficial in one sense as people can convert, reconvert and and can give up their connections to join religion. Most of the time it takes strategy, imposition and bribing to make people religious.
With regards to race and natural identity, it is deeper than religious identity.  Europe became a christian country but their racial identity remains unchanged.. The Germans  have trouble with the English and the English with the French. One continent, one currency one religion but racism keeps them apart from each other. Racism supersedes their religion.Their white body too can't unite them. Racism gives a strong identity. A frenchman was narrating an incident about how most of the young French have stopped attending church only the old are visiting and with lack of clergy the church in France  once had to call an African priest to conduct the sermons.The power of  racism in the old French was so high that they decided to quit the church rather than the race.
Race has connection to ego, religion has connection to belief. Belief can be challenged and race can be covered artificially but to give up is almost impossible as long as one is not evolved spiritually. Till then race will keep sticking  out its face all the time.
How is spirituality different from religion and race?
Spirituality is the journey of the living entity beyond the identity of body and belief. It's the constitutional nature of a living being to be eternally existing, blissful and full of knowledge or wisdom. It transcends everything, while using race and religion but never gets entangled in the superficialities of it. The Dharmik scriptures give a universal definition of God saying that "God is one from whom everything emanate and is  full within himself. He is the master of everything. " We do not serve him out of any imposition  rather we serve him because it is benficial to us .
Hence spirituality and healthy identity with scientific rituals need to be harmonised according to our  situations and implemented so that our eternal identity is established.

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