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There was one person who was rejected by both the parties  in the battle of Kurukshetra --Rukmi, the brother of Rukmini.
He approached the Pandavas first. He boasted about his power as if he was  going to finish all the Kurus but the Pandavas were not impressed.They conveyed to him that they did not need his services .
Rukmi in an upset frame of mind approached Duryodhana.
The fearless and boastful Duryodhana was not impressed with Rukmi. Once again Rukmi was rejected and he was  forced to be a neutral party.
Balarama, the Lord of the Yadus, had sympathy for Duryodhana and he too avoided the war .He did not wish to upset his dear brother Sri Krishna by being on the side of Duryodhana and hence he went on a pilgrimage.
On the last day of the battle when the final onslaught between Bhima and Duryodhana was about to start the great Yadava Balarama appeared.
He was about to witness a battle amongst two of his students who had turned into enemies for life.
They were on the verge of deciding their own fate and the future of Hastinapura.
Bhima was strong and powerful , Duryodhana was skilful and fierce.  Bhima struck Duryodhana below the belt and broke the rule of mace fighting.
Balarama was furious and was about to strike, Sri Krishna hastily  intervened reminding Balarama of his resolve to be neutral.
Sri Balarama was forced to take sides and this is life. 
People say they are neutral and hence speak indecisive language which indicates that their loyalty and conviction is on neither side .
However in certain situations their inner feeling manifests and they take sides.
Sri Krishna had made it clear that he would not fight but he would chose or be on the side of dharma.
In fact he  had given the choice to Arjuna to choose between him and his army. Arjuna was happy chosing Krishna and Duryodhana was happy with the army. 
Therefore taking sides is important.
in fact life challenges us to take decisions.
Neutrality also makes us take sides eventually and at times back fires because it is abrupt.
Making a conscious choice of taking sides and sticking for life with that choice is reality.
Whose side are we on ?
Certainly on the side of dharma and those who represent it. 

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  1. There is also something else to take away from the story.Krishna had rejected Duryodhan on account of him being non-dharmic and a fallen warrior and as such Krishna could never have accepted Duryodhan or the Kauravs the way he accepted the Pandavas on account of Pandavas being surrendered souls. But Baldao accepted Duryodhan as his own student and taught him the art of Mace warfare even though he knew everything from the beginning. Even at the point of Duryodhan's death he came to protect him and only because of his vow he had to stand down. This shows even though Balaram who is as omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent as Krishna is, he still came to the protection of those who were fallen and had digressed from the path of dharma only to save them in the end .