Sunday, 17 July 2016


Suicide and depression are escalating along with the number of young children gearing up for competitive exams. Dying or living dead before the exam because of the fear of facing or fearing to face the outcome of the exam is becoming common.
Where is the education system leading our young minds?
Preparing them for life or preparing life for so many exams and in turn being the cause of depression and premature  death ?
Real education was planned in such a way that every person was geared to deal with life and grow by facing life as it came.
The Pandavas are the epitome of leading such a life.
The Mahabharata does not mention them sitting and studying rather  it mentions how they prepared themselves to face the challenges of life.
During their exile in the forest they handled the difficulties of physical challenge and the mental trauma of being thrown from their own kingdom by the evil kurus.They grew with conviction, cooperation, competence and the art of handling conflict with courage.The forest was an education centre for life. It was not an exam hall but there were tests all over the forest.This experience was their real wealth.
Unfortunately modern education is preparing one for exams and grades, but real education prepares one for life. Hence our reflection has to be what do we want exam or life?  The Pandavas or  the synthetic Kauravas?

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