Monday, 25 July 2016


The story of King Vena is depicted in many places in our Dharmik shastras. Srimad Bhagavatam too illustrates this story and sends powerful message for all class of people.
King Anga had a son who was nastier compared to Duryodhana. His play was to brutally abuse his friends during his childhood. King tried to inform but in vain. Hence eventually gave up his efforts plus his kingdom to live a life recluse. Meanwhile the kingdom without the King became anarchical, hence the helpless minister were forced to choose Vena as the next King.  He was ruffian but he had the power to stop smaller crminals.   The kingdom was relatively peaceful.  But eventually King Vena officially started harassing with unlimited resources available to him.      The affected citizens had no clue what do with him. Seeing the situation of the kingdom the saintly Rishis,who are only interested in disseminating knowledge had to interfere in reprimanding the King. But he questioned their credibility and declared himself better than God and hence he was above the law. 
This is typical of so called atheist, secular or person centric governance.  They want to be bigger than god's law in the name of making things equal to all, they put themselves above everyone else.   The Rishis had the choice of not interfering into the affairs of state thinking it to be mundane or getting temporarily involved for  removing an brutal ruler.  They chose the later and terminated him to establish better governance in the future. Certainly they did not become politically active themselves rather they activated the system of getting better ruler.   The Rishis taught the lessons of actively taking part in changing the rotten but never actively administrating themselves.   Rishis were deep in their thoughts but wide in their reach in regards to affect the society.
Rishi, Rakshak or Yaksha. What do we want.  Rishis are deeply spiritual but consciously aware of people's suffering the spiritual and the material-- they take action when there is need, like with Vena.  Rakshakas are those who live at other's cost.  Brutal and pervert.
Yakshas live for themselves without bothering for the pain of others. They may not consciously cause pain to others but their unconscious unawareness of others pain is their sin. 
Think and choose.

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  1. Hare Krsna prji, Dandavat pranams!
    Deep insights expressed in a wonderful way…
    “Rishis are deeply spiritual, but consciously aware of people’s suffering the spiritual & the material – they take action when there is need” – true vaishnavas
    Leaving apart the sin, “Unconscious unawareness of others pain”… much to meditate & work upon…
    Thank you very much for the wonderful article
    Harsha Lalitha devi dasi