Tuesday, 26 July 2016


An intruder is one who disturbs  stability and has an unsettling impact. In other words he unsettles everything. The intruder can intrude a civilisation, society, family or oneself. The intruder can be a person, race or an exclusive belief system which targets people to accept the intruder belief system and eliminates those who do not accept.
Human existence from a long time has faced this problem. Earleir there were demoniac kings who tormented their opponents by imposing their power. These kings were religious people and fortunately they never used religion for domination.The Rakshas or Asuras were clear in their logic. It was power over everything and every one.
Many were consciously atheistic but they never fought to establish their belief system on others so much.  They predominantly fought to conquer. Ravana, Kamsa, Hiranyakashipu and others are typical examples of such Asuras.
The modern world has created greater trouble than the demoniac kings with regards to conflict caused by exclusive belief systems.
Person centric faith frozen in time and unwilling to be relevant takes over the offensive mind set and uses any means to convince. Tempting, terrorising, tormenting terminating the civilisation of others , forcefully establishing their civilisation and writing a false history of their brutality.
Faith without dharma will remain a dominant problem of this modern age.Dharmik scriptures compare dharma to a man and Shraddha to a woman and their marriage gives birth to auspiciousness. Faith without dharma will always create unlimited violence. Hence dharma is the universal law beyond any particular belief system.
Dharma is like water having the power to quench our thirst.
Fire being hot.
The sun always rising from the east. Dharma is beyond any belief system and does not constrain itself to certain people, religion, caste or nations.
Watch out and act accordingly to stop the menace of religions without dharma. Reject that which causes violence and seeks support in the name of god and the godly.
Killing is killing for faith or faithlessness.
Srikrishna was willing to give space to the demoniac Duryodhana as long as he did not intrude. But the exclusivist does not want any one want to survive other than their own belief.  Does it make sense?

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