Friday, 15 July 2016


Dasaratha, the father of Sri Rama was known for his valour. He got the name Dashratha  because he travelled in ten directions fighting on behalf of the gods. 
But he lost his life in being negligent.
He was the target of a small but significant conspiracy conspired by his own wife .
Sri Rama was chosen for coronation by Dasarath and all precautions for the smooth ceremony of the  coronation were taken .
Dashratha was careful  that even Bharata was out of town.
At one point Dashratha told Sri Rama, that it was that good Bharata was not in Ayodhya. He said that even though Bharata  was good , nothing could be predicted. It was obvious that Bharata had to be present for the coronation but Dasaratha was fearful and kept him away from Ayodhya.
He  consciously kept Janaka and Kaikieyi's brothers away from this function too, even though he invited kings and dignitaries beyond the kingdom of these personalities. Dasaratha had promised Kaikeyi's father at the time of his marriage that Bharata would be coronated as king and hence he feared that Janaka  and Kaikeyi 's brothers would object and demand that Dasaratha coronate Bharata as the prince.
All was set to accomplish the coronation but Dasaratha had not expected that an ordinary maid like Manthara could turn the story around and be an instrument in changing the mind of the innocent Kaikeyi .
She forced Dasaratha to send Sri Rama to the forest and place Bharata as the future king.
This incident was sudden and completely unexpected which eventually took the life of Dasaratha.
Guarding against bigger problems is most important but what about the smaller problems that we neglect ?   They have the power to unsettle entire civilisations.
Hence Sri krsna warns in the Gita that even a small hole in the boat can ravage everything, similarly even one of our senses neglected can cause havoc.When a civilisation takes care of bigger problems but fails to recognise the Mantharas within and without they lose their land and identity.
Does it make sense?


  1. Wonderful article prabhuji. The concept of neglecting or minimising the small itself, even in day to day life is adharmic. A dharmic person respects everyone either small or big. Sudras and people with less potential were never abused in vedic culture rather their role was respected even though it was insignificant as compared to kings and Brahmanas. Similarly when one is strongly reinforced in the conception that small can also be significant then he doesn't neglects small issues in his day to day life also.

  2. Thank you so much prabhu for nice article.