Tuesday, 19 May 2015


It ia not our position that is important rather it is our action which has the power to create an impact whether   negative or positive.
When Gandhari and Dhritharasthra rejected the proposal of discarding the inauspicious new born child, Duryodhana, as advised by Vidura, it was an ordinary incident, but the impact  it created was  huge. It was an action that eventually led to  bloodshed and war.

Bhagiratha, one of the  many kings,  pleaded  with mother Ganga to come to this world many years back, just so that his family would be delivered. The intention was simple, the deliverance of his family, the action was difficult and  the impact is still being experienced.

The ordinary terrorist, when he blasts bombs in a busy street he creates a  terrible impact in the life of many people who lose their family members, and in the life of people who lose different limbs of their body, and experience  seeing the gruesome violence.

In this world some of us are big, some are small, some are signigficant, some are ordinary ,some are famous, some are totally unknown, but everybody has the invisible power to create an impact which may create a lasting impression, positive or negative depending on what kind of action one performs. Therefore our Dharmik scriptures give importance to even the  most insignificant events, by asking us to perform the action at the right time. That moment  may be small compared to eternal time, but performance of the action according to that time,  has the power to create a powerful impact.

Dharma scriptures ask us to give importance to all activities  because they have the power to change our destiny. A small shell of a cococnut, unnoticed in the food can cause huge damage to our life, to the extent  that it may take our life.  But the same amout of medicine taken at the right time not only might save a life, but may become instrumental in saving many lives in the future.

Yes we are ordinary our actions are as ordinary as we are, but contemplating on the impact in the future, we can change the intentions of  our actions.

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