Wednesday, 13 May 2015


In Dharmik litreature we repeatedly find the concept of the appearance of God.  Whenever there is suffering  it is said that God appears to alleviate the suffering of living beings.

The beauty of His appearance is that when living entities request him to come he certainly reciprocates, and at the same time he requests those who are seeking help to take up responsibilities according to their capacity.

Pandavas were the expansions of different Devatas . They did not stay  in their beautiful mansion in the higher world partying with their friends and family.  They came down and took whatever resposnbilities they could. They knew very well that Sri Krishna was completely capable of handling everything Himself, but Dharma or laws of nature require us to take equal responsibility to make things happen rightly.

Pandavas suffered and struggled to such an extent that they had to see the death of their children. They also had to see their own wife Druapadi being disrobed in front of their eyes.
And who was Druapadi?  She was the godess of heaven but she was stripped off all of her wealth. In spite of all this humiliation  she remained loyal to all of her duties, including the duty of being a human being, even though she was ordinary.
Dharmik scripture talks about our rights,  and our responsblity.

Each one of us is given something over which we can claim propritership and each  one of us has to pay the taxes depending on our resources.
God is supremely powerful, but he uses this power to be compassionate.  He is supremely resourceful, but he shares his resources with us.  He is free from all duty, but still acts very dutiful.  This is confirmed in the Gita.

Do we want Sri Krishna to come and help us? Are we willing to take the responsibility to assist him? That is the more important question than why God is not appearing in this world.
Yes he is ready to appear let us prepare ourselves to be responsible.

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