Thursday, 7 May 2015


Arjuna’s delusion was dispelled by Sri Krishna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, when he narrated the Bhagavad-Gita.

Yudhishthira walked towards the other side of the army to get blessings from his superiors, headed by Bhisma, Drona, Krapa, and Salya.  All of them blessed him saying  that his victory was guranteed.  This was first weapon released by Yudhsthira. It entered straight into each of the  enemy’s hearts and came out from their mouth as powerful blessings.

Yudhishtira then spoke loudly. He announced and asked if anyone wanted to switch sides . One of the step brothers of Duryodhana, walked out of Duryodhana’s army and switched over to the Pandava army.  This was another weapon released by Yudhisthira which  worked against Duryodhana .

We see that life has many dimensions including war like situations. In war  many things are included, including sensitivity towards life. Duryodhana was raised to see one aspect of life only while  being disconnected with the other aspects of life. Yudhisthira was able to see the connection in every aspect of life .Yudhisthira saw blessings as a  powerful tool, even though that was not the purpose of his seeking blessings. He wanted blessing for the sake of blessings, and at the same time was aware of the power of blessings.

Duryodhana did not see the connection between curses and physical resources. He thought that human resources, wealth and collecting all kinds of weapons was sufficicent to be successful in life.

Yudhishthira on other hand, was collecting resources in the form of army, weapons, and wealth, but he did not stop there , he collected good wishes and blessings too. A part of taking blessings was to make the other party soft in their retaliation.  He was also successful in breaking the confidence of Duryodhana and his party when he got Yuyutsu to walk out of Duryodhana’s army.

Duryodhana could not ever understand the subtlety.  He lived life at the gross reality level. Yudhisthira  on the other hand lived live a life full of diverse shades. His core principle was to lead from subtle to gross. Duryodhana believed in leading  from gross to disappearing in oblivion.

Duryodhana’s policy was, “I live and others die, if others live I prefer dying.”  And that is what he got.  He died and allowed the pandavas to live.   Yudhisthira was always willing to live on a basic minimum, so he begged for five villages to rule. He was willing to live with less resources. In reality he got not only five villages but he became the king of the kings.  After becoming king he continued to entertain, all those who survived .Dhritharasthra stayed with Yudhisthira, Krapacharya continued as Guru to their family.  This was the consciousness and strategy of Yudhsthira.  Live and let others live.  Living at the cost of others is selfish, allowing oneself to be used by others is not selfless and leads to exploitation. Firm  living is such that it helps others to learn and live by the principle of co-operative living. 

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