Saturday, 9 May 2015


To know, to act, to feel and to experience is the complete cycle of wisdom. Wisdom is multi faceted . Every facet unveils at the right time and that right time could be gradual or all at once.
Small babies cannot explain what they are  experiencing --the affection of a mother.  A motherless grown up boy, who has not experienced a mother's love, may be able to explain mother"s love by reading and hearing from others.  But most people get to go through all the phases of life in regards to mother's love. They will know ,feel, act and explain.

Similarly every situation, relations and interactions in life has these components.   Without this complete circle our so called wisdom is either dry logic or simply a touchy feeling.

Wisdom also cannot be experienced by being person centric. Different people have different experiences of the same person, community and society, hence every one's knowledge may differ and their parents explanation may contradict and create conflict. Therefore the sources of wisdom are the great Rishis who disseminate wisdom from a very neutral point of view. These Rishis and Gurus perceive wisdom through deep sadhna , seva , scriptural understanding and learning from teachers who were themselves great students of their teachers.

Vyasa and Valmiki are the men of greatest wisdom, from who  has come a great wisdom bank touching upon every sphere of creation.

We need to study and understand them and whilst studying be careful of not making ourselves a reference point.  We need not see them through our experiences rather we allow them to see us.

Sri Krishna saw everyone through dharma on the battlefield of Kuruksetra. It was an integrated vision.
Others were seeing the war from their small and little I me and you perspective.    Shikhandi,was gazing from an injustice done by Bhishma in the past point of view.
Duryodhana was seeing from the present so that he could enjoy life presently and Karna was seeing from the future perspective thinking, "what will the world think, if I join the pandavas, I cannot betray Duryodhana". Hence all of them from dharma's point of view had to disappear.

Sri Krishna through the Gita, gave the Pandavas a higher perspective and they became relevant for ever. Their vision was complete past, present and future was integrated.

Their wisdom was wholesome and complete. 

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