Sunday, 17 May 2015


Life in the modern world seems to be  leaning towards individual and personal choices over responsibility towards the society. When one decides to live life based on one 's own intiatives without considering the consequences on society, then the  society at large is put in a chaotic condition.
For instance, if one or many decide to live a life of complete freedom with regards to whatever they do, it would cause great inconvenience to the society. People do have the freedom to chose however the consequences of their choice affect a large number of people.
Drinking was a taboo in the past , and was condemnable, now it is no more a taboo, any one can drink and it is considered a matter of personal choice. No morality is attached to it. When drinking becomes destructive to social life then it is restricted through law. Morality which was personal now becomes legal.
If you are caught drunk and driving then you are penalized.  Why? Because your driving in a drunk state  can cause social difficulty.

Getting married was a moral discipline and a cultural want, but now couples are preferring live-in relationships.  Morality in such situations is corrupted. When  there is great exploitation  in such live-in relationships, the court  has made a law  that live-in relationships become binding and the rights of the affected party are like the rights that exist in marriage.

In morality we are self inspired, we do not need any police or government systems to make us follow. We are bound by our own discipline which is mentally uplifiting and spiritually favourable. But when people give up morality as a burden and a religious superficiality, then society is put into chaos. The legal department  of the government then takes over and puts at par the status of live-in with the status of marriage . When morliaty is self inspired, then we do not cheat .In morality the only person who we can cheat is ourself, but in legality, we think we can buy the law and continue to create unrest in society. Therefore there are natural laws of nature, which are very coherent and perfect.  Narural laws give back at the right time with interest. We are forced by the sublte laws of nature and of the gross laws of the government.

In dharma scriptures the concept of parmatma is very powerful.  We are told that Ishvara is watching us from our heart and knows all our actions.  Similarly now in the mundane world, there is  the CCTV, lie detector machines, wine detector machines, and so many other things.  One who is connected to the Paramatma  does not fear  machines. One who is shameless and denies the Paramatama has these machines, and the parmatama both to fear.

Choice is ours, we want conscious morality or unconscious morality and conscious legality ?

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