Friday, 15 May 2015


There is an anology about the  moon’s beauty. The moon looks beautiful  in connection to the many stars in the sky. One of the proverbs taught in school says “There is nothing as tasty as salt and no better god than mother.” Salt being tasty is a statement in connection with other ingredients.  It cannot be consumed alone, but without it the food becomes inedible. However if people are gifted salt without anything else they consider it a big insult.  Everything in this world becomes fruitful due to its connection with other items.

Relationships also follow the same path .  No one  can live without connection. One can exist, but to live a meaningful life, we need relationships.  Relationships become good depending  on how much people involve themselves. Some people are imposing in other’s life, and they are like more salt, tough to eat. On the other hand some people are hardly involved in relationships. They are like very little salt in food. can’t relish this food either . Right amount of salt in food  makes the food perfect.

Building relationships is like cooking -- mixing different ingredeints in a receipe  at the right time. For example whilst cooking rice we  do not put the rice first in water ,rather we boil water and then add rice, and at the same time we do not put little water and more rice. The proportion and timing both need to be perfect .

In Ramayana Kaikeyi imposed her relationship upon her husband which eventually  caused his death.
Manthara who was supposed to serve with humility in the house of Kaikeyi, imposed herself and provoked the simple Kaikeyi, causing her to lose her credibility in the Ramayana forever.

Vali the powerful elder brother of Sugriva over powered Sugriva and forced him to leave the kingdom and run away.
That artifical relationship was rectified by Sri Rama by Vali's removal.

Sita, Rama,  Laxamana and Hanumana had  the perfect relationship.  Rama never imposed, Sita never demanded, Laxmana never crossed his limit, but played his role as brother at the same time.  Hanumana was the  servant of all these three, never crossed his limit, nor ever acted timid.

Why is Rama Darbara  such a beautiful sight to see ? Because, everyone played their role rightly with the right amount of involvement at the right time.
Can we do it?

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  1. Haribol!! Simple analogies with greater meaning!