Saturday, 1 August 2015


Dharmik scriptures depict life in a very dynamic way. They narrate systems which are rigid and fluid, but the purpose of both is to create harmony and  the legacy of a dharmik life.
One such incident is narrated in the Mahabharata. An austere brahaman who burnt a bird to ashes with his power,  felt sorry and simultaneously  was amazed by his power. He came to a house to beg for some food. The lady made him wait as she was busy serving her husband a meal. When she came out to offer him the charity of food, the brahamana stared at her, not to burn her with his power but to show his disapproval for making him wait. She told him she is not the bird but a chaste lady. He was shocked to know that she knew about the incident .
She asked him to go to a butcher who was known as Dharma vyadha, meaning dharmik butcher.
When the Brahamana came to Janaka puri, he got in touch with the butcher who took him to his house, and offered him a place to sit. They started discussing,  the brahamana heard form the butcher because he found him to be the knower of the essence of scriptures and having all the qualities of an  advanced person with character. Some of the things the butcher said to the Brhamana was “greed is the house of sin.  One who covers adharma by the show of dharma will not suffice, however big they talk.   To find good character is difficult in them.
Those who are real people with character, serve their superiors,  their speech  is constructive or truthful, and they are free form anger and are charitable.
This body is like a river,  the five senses are the water in the river, greed and obesession are the whales, who will swallow, and this river is flowing in the difficult terrain of life and death. You sit on the boat of sobertiy and cross this difficult place."
The butcher went on to speak on varied subjects, causing great fascination in the heart of  the Brhamana. The Bahamana was humble enough to receive the knowledge coming from a person with great character even though apparentely he was  from a low background.
The butcher said that destiny  had placed him in this kind of a family but it was possible to transcend the situation and be placed in proper behaviour.  It was truly amazing and certainly possible.  Dharmik scriptures try to encompass every one while maintaing the system in a such way that every one has the chance for perfection.

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