Tuesday, 18 August 2015


When Yudhisthira maharaja was lamenting about the consequences of war, and taking the responsibility of war upon himself Vyasadeva shared his wisdom and with this Yudhisthira agreed to be coronated.

Vyasadeva said, “ When a king is forced to punish his subjects  by giving death penalty for the sake of the subject and the country, then it is not adharma. On the contrary if some one has evil intentions  and performs this activity then there is no question of repentence and neither do they feel repentant. 
All their rituals are useless. You never desired this war, and you are still repenting, even though they were all killed by their own sins.

On other hand Duryodhana or Dushashana even while dying, maintained the same arrogance that they had when they were living, because they were habituated to live a life of evil. They had mastered it as if that was dharma.  Duryodhana condemned Sri Krishna and here Yudhisthira condmned himself for the war. It is strikingly visible who is fit to rule, and who is fit to be punished." Vyasadeva being impartial to both the parties, made it very clear that Duryodhana and party deserved to be punished.

Sensitivity for oneself was Duryodhana’s legacy and sensitivity for others was Yudhisthira’s legacy.  Reflecting and inquiring from people of wisdom was Yudhisthira’s culture,  boasting and lying was Duryodhana’s perversion.

Even the Gandharvas and  Charanas failed to recognize this and got caught up with the skills of Duryodhana rather than seeing his over all purpose of life. They foolishly glorified Duryodhana at the cost of making the Pandavas feel guilty.

Yudhisthira was sensitive and at the same time spent his time listeining to his superiors, and eventually made the right deicison to rule reluctantly.  Duryodhana never listened to good counsel and made decisions unilaterally.
Choosing our decision is our right but the consequences and the reaction of our deicion is the realm of the time factor.

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