Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Being sensitive towards others is a desirable quality , since it enhances continuity.  Sensitivity towards oneself is required to be functional but to be over sensitive is selfish. Selfishness leads to blindness of the future legacy and non sustenance of one's surrounding.
This aspect is illustrated very effectively in one episode in the Pandavas life.  When Arjuna came back from the heavenly realms learning and acquiring celestial weapons the other Pandavas wanted him to exhibit the power of those weapons.
As Arjuna started invoking the dreadful  weapons, they started creating a disturbance all around. All the elements started to act violently .
When Naradamuni noticed this, he came down and warned Arjuna not to use the weapons for the sake of display. Naradamuni told Arjuna the disadvantages of these deadly weapons  and how sensitively one had to use them  else they could cause colossal destruction.

Arjuna desisted and stopped the display.   In this episode the sensitivity of the great sage Naradamuni who is ever cognizant about the consequences of our actions is seen in abundance .
On the other hand we see that the modern civilization has become expert in display of technology however  sensitivity whilst displaying is either absent or is present in a very minuscule quantity .Inventions of today are popular but the effects of these inventions are more on the negative side. Presently the  invention may appear fascinating however the long term effect could be alarmingly dangerous.
Arjuna,  never became a warrior who would display his weapons and skills  rather he remained a sensitive warrior, who used his skills and weapons with great precaution.
In the modern civilisation slaughtering of humans has been increased many fold with restless minds and ruthless weapons including death of babies in the womb.
Hence sensitive people warn us to be cautious in using our power or else it may cause harm for long.

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