Wednesday, 5 August 2015


When Vibhishana was speaking to Ravana after knowing that Sri Rama had  already come to fight Ravana, he gave good advise, which was rejected by the brainless Ravana.
Vibhishana was precise in his advise he said, "you can attack your enemy, If he is inattentive or if other’s have conquered him, or is diseased,  or destroyed by the Daiva.
But Sri Rama is very attentive, He has come to conquer and  his army is there. He has conquered  his anger- (person with anger is not strategic) SriRama has not offended you and Khara was killed because every one has the right to protect himself.
Therefore give back mother Sita, else it  will be disastrous for Lanka."  Vibhshana advised Ravana to give back Sita and along with that give lots of gifts to Sri Rama, to pacify him. Vibhishana  was right but Ravana was more obsessed with his ego than a right strategy for life.  Honesty and humility are not only good qualities but they are sustainable for legacy.
Being harsh and egoistic is unsustainable, they destroy the one who has it and those who fan such egoism.  Ravana was doomed by his ego, and the ministers were fanning his ego, so that they could get better remuneration. However instead of better remuneration   they got cremation . On the other hand Vibhishana took the risk of losing every thing , and took the side of truth and dharma. Destiny and the lord of destiny coronoated him as the king of Lanka, even before Ravana was killed. Sri Rama was kind and confident enough to declare Vibhishana as the next king.
Ravana’s destiny was sealed with his behaviour, and this was true for Vibhishana too. However Vibhshana went through some serious churning of  thought process and separated  himself from his brother at the cost of losing all shelter and the relationship with his brother.  However  the reality was that Ravana lost everything while Vibhishana gained everything.
A question  that is  raised ..
Are  transferency and dharma time bound or eternal?
The answer  is  you think  and choose.  Dharma and transferency are like finger burns in fire, time bound or eternal?

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