Tuesday, 18 August 2015


The Pandavas were looking for Duryodhana who was resting in the lake. He was  exhausted physically and emotionally after almost losing everything.  When the Pandavas found him they challenged him to come and fight with  any one of them. Duryodhana came out and challenged Bhima to fight with him.

Sri Krishna discussed with Arjuna the strengths and weaknesses of both the opponents.  At that time Balarama appeared. Both the brothers, Krishna and Balaram had different perspectives . Krishna was seeing from the over all perspective  and Balarama was seeing only from the perspective of a battle between two students. For Balarama it was a test of skills and practice, for Krishna it was question of establishing dharma as against allowing Duryodhana to snatch away the kingdom from the Dharmik Pandavas.
Sri Krishna told the Pandavas, “Duryodhana has lost everything, hence for him living or dying  makes no difference and he will be deadly in fighting. Secondly, Duryodhana has practiced without fail for thirteen years fighting keeping Bhima in his mind, hence he is extremely skillfull and fast. Bhima on the other hand being in the forest for all these years does not have practice.  Bhima is powerful but Duryodhana is skillful, skill is more important than power, therefore Duryodhana has to be defeated by  means of  an unfair fight.”

Eventually Duryodhana, was struck by Bhima on his thighs, which was against the law of mace fight.  This infuriated Balarama, who came to strike Bhima and punish  him with death penalty.  Krishna interrupted  Balarama and shared with  him how Duryodhana was meant to be struck on his thighs as predicted by Maitreya, and as promised by Bhima. Krishna narrated the past sins and the unjust death of Abhimanyu, but Balarama was unconvinced,and walked cursing Bhima and glorifying Duryodhana."

Similarly all the Siddhas, Gandharvas and Apsaras danced at the fighting spirit of Duryodhana, making  the Pandavas feel guilty. Ofcourse Sri Krishna gave a better and complete picture.

It is important to see the over all picture of a peson rather than seeing his present condition and make conclusions of dharma and adharma. Certainly dharma’s outlook is compassionate, but not at the cost of wrong assumptions and perceptions.

Duryodhan even while dying created confusion caused by apparent injustice to him but Sri Krishna cleared the cloudy and adharmik vision and gave a  complete  and wholesome vision

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