Monday, 3 August 2015


When Bhima was looking for some special flowers for Druapadi, he met with Sri Hanumanaji. Bhima was delighted to see the great devotee of Sri Rama, who was full of energy, devotion and sensitivity.
Hanumana in a causal way instructed  Bhima about the yuga cycle and how it operates and how one needs to respect the changing times. He spoke of the effect of different yugas on people, but beyond this information, Hanumana, spoke of an eternal  and unchangeable principle of life.
Hanumana said, “do not be so adventurous that it is destructive, follow the path of dharma and understand the deeper aspects of dharma. Without understanding dharma and serving the superiors it is difficult even to some one like Brihaspati to experience dharma and explain artha properly. Only by proper behaviour dharma is realized, and dharma is the foundation of the vedas, and vedas reveal yagnas,and devas are situated in yagna.”  Hanumana continued speaking about Raja dharma to Bhima, which explained the duties of the administrative class.
Interestingly we see that Hanumana was warning Bhima to not be destructively adventurous . We see in the modern world  that adventures are deadly and dangerous, they have only entertainment value and a less constructive value. Adventures relating to protecting some one, saving others, and standing for truth are hardly discussed and shown on  televsion whereas adventure sports pre occupies most of the world.
Hanumana said that according to the vedic texts, it is not possible to understand the vedas simply by critical study. One needs honesty on a dharma platform ,mercy and blessing of superiors to understand the vedic texts  so that its knowledge is never misused and wrongly interpreted.
Modern indologists have speculated on the vedic knowledge without having the proper  qualification,lifestyle and humility to understand  the vedic texts by service and honesty. Think about it .


  1. Agree!Society needs to set example to next generation to follow through! Just focusing on entertainment without Value systems will be disastrous in the Long term !

  2. Did Hanuman appear during The Mahabharata era?