Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Culturally and historically Diwali is the welcome celebration Sri Rama’s return to Ayodhya. The land of Dharma is celebrating this festival from time and immemorial. Lately the celebrations are becoming more and more pompous with lots of merry and mirth. But unfortunately the purpose of celebration is becoming less known and is hardly discussed while celebrating the festival.

When celebration loses its purpose, then the celebration becomes cause of another diwali.
What is the second of diwali? In Maharasthra, this word is also used for some one who becomes bankrupt. When one becomes bankrupt of their consciousness and culture, it is disastrous. Diwali without Sri Rama’s culture creates another diwali. The Diwali of cultural and spiritual bankruptcy with lot of noise and pollution.

When Sri Rama arrived in Ayodhya, the citizens of Ayodhya were celebrating his return with a heart which was lit up with unlimited love and affection. The lamps were a symbol of their patience being rewarded. It was the exhibition of their feeling of never forgetting their leader. Bharata was ruling the Kingdom as well as Sri Rama and Bharata gave them affection and efficiency. Yet the citizens never forgot Rama.
Bharata too was waiting eagerly with his citizens for the return of Sri Rama. It is human tendency to forget the past when someone is taking good care of you in the present , but the Ayodhyavasis although content with the affection and efficiency of Bharata were eagerly waiting for Sri Rama as he was their life and breath.

Living mechanically and living with feelings and devotional sentiments are two different things, Ayodhyavasis practised discipline in all spheres of life except their heart. With the return of Sri Rama they had heart discipline and their very life.

Similarly Diwali without heart is diwali of the second kind, diwali with a heart and feelings is the diwali of the first kind. In the second type of Diwali there is poverty of consciousness and the first one is full of prosperity of culture.
Are we welcoming Sri Rama, and Sita as the ever green and fresh couple who are asking us to welcome in the consciousness of our heart and experience the real deepavali?

The choice is ours.

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