Thursday, 12 November 2015


An interesting aspect of life is getting signals about future consequences. It is not distinctly expressed but abstractly indicated and at the same time a suspense is experienced by the person actively pursuing his journey.
In Mahabharata the indicator 's role is played by Srila Vyasadeva. More than Sri Krishna, Vyasa plays this role. Sri Krishna played the role of a human being and hence he did not give indicative signals of future events.
On the other hand Srila Vyasadeva gave  indications from time to time to the stake holders to be alert and to play their roles more sensitively. He also indicated that if they failed then they would  experience the indicated consequences.
One such indication was in the instance of the misbehaviour of Duryodhana . At the time his birth Vyasadev gave an indication to Dhrithrasthra. Unfortunately Dhrithrasthra did not care about this indication and instead desired to carve out something which was almost impossible. He desired that his son Duryodhana become the king of Hastinapura . Duryodhana  and his brothers died trying to fulfill this desire and Dhrithrasthra lived to experience the death of his sons.
When Srila Vyasadeva was ordered  by his mother Satyavati to procreate with her daughter in law, Vyasa gave her an indication of the consequences of such activities. He told her to wait for some time and let the daughter in law  get  more purified but Satyavati insisted and the consequences followed .
Vyasadeva  has indicated many times that if people follow dharma they will be happy. If they fail to follow dharma disastrous consequences will follow.
Therefore it is pertinent to be sensitive to our surroundings so that we hear and experience the indication and save ourselves from the pain of consequences

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