Monday, 23 November 2015


Limitation and beauty? Strange pair?
However when we reflect upon the two it makes life meaningful and beautiful.
Nature has awarded us with limitations. If we touch something which is hotter than our limitation can handle it burns us.
If we come in contact with some thing colder then too our body retracts.
Any senses when they interact with an object, if the object has greater capacity than the limited senses  then the senses are jolted as if they are being electrocuted.
Either we are thrown away or dragged irresistibly towards the object. Like a wave in the ocean drags an object or throws it  out of the ocean.
Information or some theory which is beyond our intelligence confuses us.
This limitation gives us the experience of humility but not inaction.The difference between humility and inaction is that, the former is wisdom and the latter is ignorance caused by the wrong premise of, " what can we do? we are insignificant." 
Limitation when saturated with contentment, gives rise to the  utilisation of our full potential .The flip side of contentment is laziness or inaction, caused by the wrong translation  of the reality of limitation.
Therefore inner fulfillment and external action to the limit of our potential gives rise to complete composure, which is nothing but self reliance.
The great Monkeys during the search of mother Sita, when faced with the mighty ocean whilst  crossing over to the other side were humbled.
Every one talked about the monkeys limitations --that the ocean was beyond their limited power. Such churning and analysis of their limited capacity and the ocean's  power brought many emotions -sadness, helplessness, betrayal, a feeling of non fulfillment but not hopelessness.  While churning emotions and discussing how to get there, Jambhavana realised that Hanumana had the capacity to go beyond the power of the ocean. Jambhavana approached Hanumana and made him aware of his power which was beyond the limit of  the oceans, so  that Hanumana could cross the ocean very easily.
It is pertinent to understand that we  always face two realities, one that some things are beyond us and second that in some things we have greater capacity than the object we are trying to approach. This understanding gives rise to facing reality with practicality which Jambhavana did for Hanumana.
Hence it is not about whether we are good or bad but it is about what our limitation is in regards to what we are trying to approach which makes us  humble and fulfilled. In other words the limitless fire when limited in a burner has the facility to help make wonderful dishes, and who makes it happen ?
Our limited capacity. 
Does it makes sense?

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