Sunday, 8 November 2015


Some so called "educated people" make statements like "I ate beef come and kill me."  They make these statements as if the statements  were intellectual logical and economically beneficial to society.
The Ramayana speaks about the demon  Ravana, who was a criminal of the highest order. However even Ravana in the Yuddha Kanda has explained the power of cows, saying that cows were a sign of prosperity.
Duryodhana too had a clear understanding about godhana meaning the wealth in cows.
Use of cow dung on land instead of fertilisers makes land fertile and brings more production than using all kinds of fertilisers which are eventually dangerous to health.
Even simple people living in the jungles or for that matter even tribal people never eat the cow for they know that the sustainability of cows is important .
Why do the idiotic people not study  cows before making comments whilst eating flesh and drinking alcoholic  spirit? It's simply arrogance of the highest order that while eating beef statements which are neither logical nor sensitive are being made.
Statistics proves that cow dung and cow urine have a great potential to give large amount of production for a sustainable time. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are being used instead of cow dung  have caused destruction of land, soil and the health of farmers.
It would be better if these people used some cow dung and urine to clean their system. Then humility and sensitivity would prevail .
Sri Krishna's love  for cows and Vraj is not an isolated personal affection. It has deep philosophical and practical value.  Vrindavana represents prosperity of devotion and economical growth.
Those who are honest to the core will speak and think with deep observation and will refuse to say " I ate beef come and kill me."  In fact they will say there is something special about the cow.

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