Monday, 16 November 2015


Training is considered as a process through which any person of any background can be made to act or feel or believe in a particular fashion.
For eg:- being a black smith is a skill in which anyone can be trained .Similarly one can be trained to be an altar- boy. One can be trained to believe a particular concept or any religious concept. But the critics say that this kind of training could create dogmatic people like robots.
In the traditional system of schooling students were trained to be disciplined so that as they grow, they become independently thoughtful.

Training is nothing but conditioning but how do we judge which training is good? Good or bad depends upon the consequences it brings. Consequences from a personal point of view and from a society point of view.

Getting trained to be coherent in life, may be tough but the result of such training is that such a person does not depend on others for his growth .

Sri Krishna was trained by Sandipani muni in different aspects of life . Sandipani muni had to part with his student even though he would have preferred to keep Sri Krishna with him forever. Trained students become truly independent, mentally, physically and intellectually but they maintain gratitude towards their teacher in their hearts forever and this makes them dependent on their teacher.

Modernity creates conditions where a person is trained to be untrained with respect to health, food, relationships and self confidence.
Such a life style creates a great burden on the society and on the family.

Ravana created such a civilisation where he had complete control over his citizens. The citizens never objected to Ravana doing anything .This was against normal and humanistic life. The consequences of this was a colossal amount of damage; millions of families lost their life in the war of Lanka between Sri Rama and Ravana.

Reckless civilisations will perish due to negligence of dharma. Hence to be trained in becoming free of dependence on wrong things is the dharma of every person

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