Saturday, 11 April 2015


Sleep is needed for physical rest, but the flip side of sleep is that it represents ignorance and laziness.  When Arjuna was studying he had controlled sleep, hence he was also known as “Gudakesha,” --one who is the controller of sleep.  His awakened state made him aware of his surrounding, and then he acted according to this awareness.
One day due to heavy wind the torches were blown away and it was completely dark. At this time Arjuna was honoring his meal . He continued eating without getting disturbed by the darkness and strong wind. Then a thought crossed Arjuna's mind " if I can eat in darkness I can practice archery in darkness too.” This knowledge was dormant when he was in light, but the darkness awakened him to the reality of learning in the dark.
How did this happen?
 Arjuna was awakened and sensitive to his surrounding .Along with being awakened and sensitive he was also sensible. This sensibility was also flavoured with action so Arjuna started practicing in the dark what he had learned from his teacher, Dronacharya.
Sensitivity sensibility and being action oriented became Arjuna’s conditioning.  When Arjuna came to the battlefield, he became awakened to the reality of life.  In spite of his sensibility and sensitivity his decision making capacity was clouded as he stood on the battlefield. He took the action of having a dialogue with Lord Krishna. He asked Lord Krishna what he should do with his sensitivity and sensibility as he thought that war would cause human loss  and loss of tradition.
Lord Krishna while appreciating Arjuna’s sensibility and sensitivity reprimanded him for coming to the wrong conclusions. A beautiful dialogue ensued between them.  After the dialogue Arjuna came to the right conclusion in regards to right actions. Now his cycle of being awake, aware and action oriented  became complete. This cycle moved on and gave benefits to the larger society for a long time.
To be sensitive we have to awake. To be sensible we have to be aware and to translate sensitivity and awareness into actions we have to be action oriented.

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