Sunday, 19 April 2015


It was agreed that when the Pandavas completed their twelth year of exile and one year of incognito living they would get their kingdom back from Duryodhana. However  Duryodhana flatly refused to give back their Kingdom as was agreed after the Pandavas completed their exile and in cognition living term.
The Pandavas sent a messenger -- a minister of Druapada for their rights. The  Kauravas refused to keep their part of the agreement.
 Dhritrashtra sent Sanjay to convince Pandavas not to come back to Hastinapura.
The Pandavas  did not accept Sanjay "s proposal. Being Kshatriyas they could not have lived on begging forever. Secondly the Pandavas, were responsible for good governance based on Dharma. The Kauravas, were unjust, cruel and evil. Allowing them to rule as kings of Hastinapura, would mean allowing them to exploit the people of the entire kingdom.
The  Pandavas instead of accepting Sanjaya"s proposal sent Sri Krishna as their peace messenger  and asked for merely five villages to rule as Ksatriyas.
However  Duryodhana refused, saying that he would not give any land to the Pandavas to rules as Kshatriyas. Not even as much as the tip of a needle.
Sri Krishna tried to explain to Dhritrastra , by asking him to capture Duryodhana and give the Pandavas their due. That way the other Kurus could survive. He showed them his universal form , to convince them about his identity, but Duryodhana and his party did not budge .
Sri Krishna tried to pursue Karna, and asked him to stop the war. He told Karna to accept the kingship of Hastinapur. Yudhisthira would accept working under him and accept Karna as the elder brother .He also explained that Duryodhana would be pleased to see his friend being crowned king but Karna did not agree. Karna also said if  that he got the crown he would give it to Duryodhana.
Sri Krishna’s efforts  were all rejected by the Kauravas, and the Pandavas  were left with no other choice but to fight. They fought as they were bound by duty to Hastinapura and the entire human civilization. They did not fight out of revenge .
In this condition, who was  responsible for the war , was it Sri Krishna, the Pandavas or the Kurus?  Gandhari has put the entire responsibility of the kurukshetra war on God, Sri Krishna.
It takes great honesty and wisdom to understand the cause of resposbility.  Is it not true that we are responsible for our mistakes, caused by stuborness, stupidity, arrogance, selfishness, and the misuse of the greatest gift of God, the free will and choice?
Let us think about it, and be honest.


  1. definately its Kurus.

  2. We need to learn to accept our own fault than pointing fingers

  3. That way article helps us to do self examination