Thursday, 23 April 2015


Some time life puts people in a difficult predicament for a long time, and at other times it makes people experience longer duration of an easy life.  One of the most difficult task to be the bearer of the news and certainly the sad one.  
  Sanjay was one such character in the Mahabharata who became the bearer of bad news for at least eighteen days.
He had to narrate to King Dhrithrasthra the death of his sons, caused by Bhima, who was punishing them for their sins.  Sanjaya was narrating graphically the death of Bhisma, Drona, Karna, while narrating the death of King’s sons He had to narrate the death of Dushasana, who was brutally killed by Bhima.
Sanjaya, had to narrate the death of Abhimanyu, massacred by the King’s son and other relatives. Dhrithrasthra heard from Sanjay about the death of his grand son, Laxmana killed by another grand son Abhimanyu. Dhritharasthra heard the death of his son in law Jayadratha.
Sanjay said he was most unfortunate to have had to describe the death of Dhrithrasthra 's loved ones however he also said that he was most fortunate to narrate the beautiful message of the Gita to Dhritharasthra.
 But he was fortunate  that in the midst of so many disastrous news he was able to soothe his own heart by hearing the divine conversation of Sri Krishna and Arjuna,the Bhagavad Gita a song of God. The news of the death of his own family was  painful for Dhritharasthra to hear.  More so because the narration failed to fulfill the dream of Dhritharasthra, who was hoping that Arjuna would keep away his weapons for good and move into the forest for meditative life.
Sanjaya, was able to narrate everything, since he had heard the message of Gita, where Sri Krishna had said, “ one should tolerate happiness and distress, just like one handles heat cold of the changing seasons "

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