Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Vidura means, "one who knows." What did he know,? Vidura knew what should be done in difficulty and in adharma.
Why did he know? Because he had no personal agenda and he was free from prejudice.  Wherever there was selfishness, small mindedness, Vidura could smell it and spoke it out.
It all began from the birth of Duryodhana, when Vidura predicted that Duryodhana was evil and would cause great disater to the entire Kuru race. His wisdom was rejected. He pleaded to his brother to not divide the kingdom since it was an incorrect solution.
When Dhritharasthra invited the Pandavas for a gambling match Vidura was pleading, begging and  warning the Kuru elders to stop, but again his advice was rejected.  Though he continued holding the post of the prime minister in the kingdom his most important instructions were rejected.
Vidura could have rejected the post of prime minister  but he was responsible about performing  his duty.  His duty was to be a transparent advisor and never the executor.
He experienced pain when his elders rejected his advice but he continued doing his duty. He would verbally give correct advice and plead the elders to take correct steps. What else could he do because that is what was his role was.
In life we see we are put in situations where we tend to be helpless. If we have the power, some time we do not know have the wisdom to know what to do with that power. Some times we have the wisdom but, we are seldomly heard by those who have the power.  Is it possible for us to continue to perform our duties even though the other partners are not responding ?  Vidura displays this character. Rejection of his advice never made him give up his duties. Eventually  at the end of his life, he was able to make Dhrithrasthra perform his duties. He was also successful in leading the Pandavas on the right path from the very beginning till he left for the forest.
The  dual nature of this world always gives an advantage in life’s failure. There is some advantage in failure and there is some inheriant disadvantage in success.
Knowing this very well Vidura continued to act for the sake of acting because it was his duty to act.

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