Friday, 17 April 2015


When Rama was in the forest, he had nothing to organize.  His army, wealth, ministers were in Ayodhaya.
But when war broke out with Ravana, Lord Rama inspired Sugriva to organize a large army of the “Vanaras,”. On other hand Ravana already had an organized and well structured army.  Ravana's army was fighting like a machine working coherently, not because they were inspired but they were fighting by force.
 Sugriva’s army was inspired the good leadership of Sugriva and the inspiration of fighting for Lord Rama. There was an element of fear too, but the fear was out of respect for the system of Sugriva.
Ravana went to Marichi to  seek help from  him to kidnap mother Sita.  Instead of seeking help he ordered Marichi to help else he would face death. So Ravana would force  and threaten his own uncle  so what to speak of others.
  Dasaratha’s dear minister and chariot driver, Sumanthra, wanted to go with Rama to the forest and suffer as much as Lord Rama would suffer in vanvaas.  He was not supposed to be in vanvaas yet he wanted to accompany Rama because he was inspired by lord Rama .
Being inspired by Rama’s leadership, Sugriva was willing to lay down his life for Lord Rama,
When organization is built on the basis of inspiration, even defeat creates greater force, when organization which is built on the fear principle it simply disappears.
Where is the Golden Lanka today? Does it inspire any one? Lanka has a curiosity value, But Ayodhaya ? It has inspiration value and millions of followers of Sri Rama have lived their life and are living their life for many generations inspired by Ayodhaya The present day Ayodhaya may not resemble physically the way it is depicted in Valmiki’s Ramayana, but it has the power to bring thousands of people to worship the dirt of Ayodhaya, and feel the vibration of spiritual power.
The organized Lanka is over long back, the inspirational Ayodhaya still stands tall and deep in the heart of every admirer of Sri Rama and it will continue to be admired and relished.

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