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Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, did not become completely guilt free till her departure from this world. However guilt did not stop her from being active and grateful to the Lord of her life, Sri Krishna.
What was her fault to be guilty for an entire life? Her curiosity! This curiosity brought Karna to this world. The consequence of her curiosity was that Karna was separated from her.  He was born before Kunti was married to Pandu. She had served the great Durvasa, who insisted that she take a benediction, after he was pleased by her service .
Kunti was reluctant to take any benediction, since she had not served  with an intention to bargain. Durvasa muni forced her and she feared that not taking the benediction would result in being cursed so she accepted a benediction unwillingly. Kunti who was still a child  became curious to test the power of  the benediction. Surya deva appeared to fulfill her curiosity.  But he was offering her something that was beyond her curiosity, “A child !"
The child Kunti pleaded to Surya deva to not force her, since she was unmarried and was still a child herself but Surya deva forced her. He  threatened her that her father and Durvasa muni would be cursed. Kunti succumbed to the threat .This was the beginning of Karna’s woe and Kunti’s silent and painful journey.
Curiosity killed her silently.
Bhima had been waiting for thirteen years to punish Dushasana, who had dared to drag Draupadi, while abusing her verbally and then attempting to disrobe her.
When Bhima grabbed Dushasana, in the bloody battle of Mahabharata , Dushasana never relented, never regretted, and all suggestions for reformation were rejected by him. Dushasana was shameless.
 Bhima  while sitting on Dushasana 's chest, ready to rip apart his heart asked “which hand touched Draupadi's hair?" Dushasana slowly and shamelessly raised his hand and indicate that I enjoyed trying to see her naked beauty, but she was resisting.  So I have done nothing wrong in dragging her . Seeing this Bhima was pained, angered, and eventually became like an avalanche of fury and pulled off his hand and killed him instantly.  Dushasana got what he deserved.
Shamelessness leads us to a brutal end.
Curiosity or shamelessness either one is a cause of pain. Kunti was a great soul, and was deeply connected to the process of Bhakti Yoga.  She taught us to be  beware of curiosity, and from Dushasana we learn that shamelessness has a brutal end.
Being alert and functioning in this world is the best solution. Then our mistakes would be like a line on the black board which can be erased, and we can move forward.

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