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Satrajita was an important citizen in Dwarka under the kingship of Ugrasena Maharaja.
He was a worshiper of the Sun god. The Sun gave him a special jewel, called the Symantaka jewel. This jewel produced a few kilos of gold every day.  Unfortunately he did not share the gold with people who deserved it and were needy. 
One day his brother Prasena asked him for the jewel. He wished to wear it around his neck whilst he went for hunting.  Satrajit reluctantly gave it. Unfortunately Satrajit’s brother was killed by a lion in the jungle, but the jewel had disappeared from his dead body. Satrajit cried foul, and accused Krishna of stealing the jewel, and killing Prasena. Even the Yadavs headed by Balarama felt that krishna had stolen it. To understand the truth of the story, Krishna went in search of the jewel. He found that the lion after killing Prasena, had taken away the jewel thinking it to be some meat. This lion was killed by an ape, or monkey Jambhavna who was the servant of lord Rama in treta yuga. Krishna fought with him and brought back the jewel and gave it to Satrajita . He offered his daughter to Krishna in marriage but did not part with the jewel.  Eventually Satrajita was murdered for the jewel.
On other hand Yudhisthira had another boon from same Sun god, the boon of the ‘Aksayapatra’ which could feed thousands of people who were dependent on Yudhisthira. The Pot would provide as much as Yudhisthira wanted to feed, till Draupadi would take her meal.
Once Yudhisthira was in danger because of the very benediction and he called out for Krishna to help.
Durvasa muni wanted to put the Pandavas in difficulty. He along with his student asked the Pandavas to feed him when the Aksaya patra had stopped working for the day, after Draupadi took her meal.  Yudhisthira called out to Krishna for help, Satrajit accused Krishna for taking the jewel and eventually lost his life for no good reason.
Yudhisthira used the benediction, and the same benediction killed Satrajit. 
Valuable  things or resources if used for hoarding for oneself bring destruction.  Satrajit lost the opportunity to be called magnanimous, because he was self conscious, rather than being compassionate.  Benedictions are  blessings only if they are used for helping others in growing at all levels, spiritual, mental and social
 Nothing is good or bad including the benediction of the gods.

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  1. Navin Poojary11/04/2015, 18:13

    Yes! Utility is the Principle! It is how we use things for Benefit of the Society than our own Individual selfish goals that makes a Difference