Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Being alone is circumstantial. Now a days kids do not have friends in the colony, or they are too absorbed in video games, to be interacting with the world  or some people are alone because their surrounding does not match their values.
People who are alone become bored with life quite fast. 
Loneliness is caused by internal difficulties in dealing with people.
It has nothing to do with the outside  world. Loneliness is a reaction to bitter experiences caused by people who were or are close to us. A longing is there for relationship but along with that longing is a fear of frustrating experiences.This fear makes people  avoid relationships. So they conclude that it is better to avoid relationships externally rather than go through the pain of a bad relationship .
However an inner force makes them long for relationships.
Such people are unfortunately broken within and broken without, this is sad but real.
Reflective people are the ones who use everything for their advantage and for the advantage of the community. For them being alone or with people is like taking different varieties of food items according to the season. Reflective people interact when there is a need and when there is no need they are happy being reflective people.  Being reflective is an effect of an inner satisfaction with externally enterprising traits.
Being reflective is not an inborn quality, but is cultivated  through the process of yoga, the yoga of love, bhakti, or Karma yoga, where in keeping Lord in the centre, one can slowly rises to the level of being reflective .
In the mahabhara Drona  Dhrithrasthra and Karna represent the traits of being lonely. They feared relationships because of their  experiences.  Dhrithrasthra’s blindness, Karna’s ambitions and Drona’s bitter experiences in friendship with Draupada.
At times Gandhari was alone  in her quest for happiness, she wanted the happiness which was dharmik, but she has no one to share.  She did serve her husband, but he was lonely and she was forced to be alone.
Yudhisthira represents  the great reflective personality, nothing shook him, nothing moved him.  He was solid like a rock. He appeared  slow, compared to the fire in Bhima and Draupadi, but he knew what he was doing and what steps he was taking.  Therefore he was a sage amongst the kings. He had the wisdom of a sage and the valor of a king, therefore he was called as Dharmaraja.  Dharma  and control  both were there. In fact even the greatest archer Arjuna and the powerful Bhima, willingly remained subordinate of Yudhishthira.