Saturday, 10 January 2015


During the holocaust in Germany, many who were freed from the atrocities of Hitler, found independence to be confusing and directionless.They did not know what to do with their independence. Behind the confinement, the anticipation of freedom was life giving nectar, but when independence dawned unto them, they realized their loneliness. Their family was gone and they did know what to do. Freedom became a prison for some.
Once  Duryodhana was bound by the Gandharvas, who had  come to foil Duryodhana’s plan to ridicule the Pandavas  in the forest of Dvaita Vana. This happened during  their exile term.
Duryodhana 's plan failed and he was bound and brought to Yudhisthira. Yudhisthira being kind and liberal, released Duryodhana from bondage. This was very painful for Duryodhana, losing  to the   Gandharvas  was one kind of pain, but getting freedom from Yudhisthira, was humiliating. His freedom became life threatening.  The thought of freedom coming from Yudhisthira was more painful than death. He decided to give up life, what to speak of all the wealth he had accumulated.
People like Duryodhana take pleasure in things, they are willing to do anything to get what belongs to others.  He had gotten it all, but freedom from Yudhisthira became so painful that he was willing to abandon everything.   He decided  to fast till death. Why? Because  he could not handle  the freedom given by Yudhisthira.
Duryodhana  thought that this freedom from Yudhisthira  would  shame his entire existence.
It is very interesting to note that   Arjuna and Bhima wanted punishment, and not release for Duryodhana. But here Yudhisthira’s strategy was much better.
He did what he was supposed to do. Release Duryodhana and knowing Duryodhana very well he knew that Duryodhana would  suffer his freedom.Yudhisthira punished him by being kind to him. Of course Yudhisthira did it unconsciously  but it was a great move.  it was a victory for the Pandavas on a mental platform . They scored against Duryodhana. 
Of course, it was Duryodhana who hit the self goal and suffered .
The Pandavas unconsciously got a bonus goal.
Look for healthy freedom not the unhealthy freedom.
What  sells in the market is the freedom of Duryodhana but what we want is the freedom of discipline and the freedom of inner consciousness, and that comes  by being connected to Dharma and Lord Krishna’s abundant grace.

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