Friday, 16 January 2015


When people gain something in their life, there is instant happiness and celebration, but along with that happiness there is an invisible responsibility which becomes distinctly visible as the celebration subsides.
Therefore those who are sober and thoughtful certainly take part in celebration but they are not intoxicated by the gain.
How it does it all begin?
Expectation of gain creates suspense and positive dreams or hopes.
When expectation becomes reality, it gives happiness and joy, and when reality becomes part of our life it becomes a burden created by responsibility.
Therefore dharmik scriptures talk about an integrated outlook.They say nothing is independently existing.  There is no isolated existence.
Within kama there has to be dharma too. Kama or desires without dharma will be reckless and chaotic.  And dharma without satisfaction and contentment will simply be a burden. and this dharma without satisfaction   will have no member to emulate in the future.
The  happiness of the Pandavas and the happiness of Duryodhana apparently looks the same  but it is  different in terms of attitude. The attitude is the deciding factor in  whether it is dharmik or evil?
The Pandava  pleasure was responsibility flavored. On the other hand Duryodhana’s pleasure was very pleasure centric, and he wanted to make it only pure pleasure with no flavour of responsibility .This is never possible, because it is artificial.
Neither Duryodhana  nor his adviser  Shakuni  was responsible to each other in regards to reaction. Giving advice without taking any responsibility  only led to unlimited reactions.
Arjuna on the other hand Krishna as his adviser, who was not only giving Arjuna instruction but was willing to stand by Arjuna in all situations.
Arjuna reciprocated with Krishna equally well. Both were willing to take the responsibility for their decision, one for giving the advise  and other for accepting the advise.
Therefore happiness which is responsible in nature will endure the testing time and responsibility flavored with contentment and satisfaction will be worth pursuing. 

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