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These three words sound almost the same as we begin to pronounce them, yet as we study them they mean totally different things.
Sangraha is used in  the Gita for bringing people together. A virtuous cycle is one  where there is a genuine growth in one's life based on sva dharma( personal strength to function) and offering part of this growth to help society grow. It is a cycle of steady growth and coherence  with few problems. 
Svadharma, when allowed to abuse, creates 'sangharsha' or conflict, confusion and indecisiveness.  For eg;- when a mother serves her children and the children are misuse the selflessless of the mother, it does not benefit any one.
Svadharma is selfish when an individual uses it for personal growth. Everybody Is used as a tool and then swadharma becomes intensified selfishness, which brings active conflict, called Sangrama(war).
Uniting is the right use of svadharama, creating conflict is allowing the abuse of svadharama and abusing others to grow oneself selfishly is creating war. Krishna quotes Janaka maharaja as the example of loka sangraha(bringing people together)
We see how indecisiveness of Bhisma, Drona and Karna, was misused by Duryodhana.  These three were very evolved in their Svadharma, but not for the growth of the society, rather they dedicated their whole life for the wrong cause, the selfish cause of Duryodhana.
Duryodhana was the third example who was rooted in swadharma but his swadharma  was for his own personal growth.  He wanted personal growth at all costs and he  used every body as his pawn. Duryodhana’s stubbornness caused a war like situation. To aggravate the situation Duryodhan refused to give even 5 villages to the Pandavas, when krishna,  approached him as a peace messenger. He had to be removed and so the war took place.
We have a choice to be  a part of loka sangraha, or loka sangarsha or loka sangrama.

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