Tuesday, 20 January 2015


The concept of the law of karma is the very phenomena of how the  world functions. One who sees the life cycle in a sensitive way can have no confusion, about the action and the  reaction cycle. It is no rocket science, rather it is a subject of common sense. What goes out has to come around with some interest, either good or bad.
The  Pandavas had a peculiar style of leaving when they were going out of Hastinapura after being cheated in the gambling match, losing  everything to the Kauravas. Yudhisthira had covered his face with a cloth. Bhima was looking continuously towards his shoulders. Arjuna was scattering sand particles all over and following Yudhisthira.  Sahadeva was walking covering his face with dirt. Nakul had dust over his entire body. Draupadi had covered her face with her own untied long hair.  And finally their priest Dhaumya was chanting some “yama sukta”mantras.
When  Dhristhrasthra heard about this from Vidura, he asked him, “what does it indicate? .”  Vidura, who is known for envisaging the  future certainty based on present sensitivity, spoke, “This indicates what they are going to do in the future, for the sin of gambling.  Yudhisthira covered his face, lest he  burn the culprits.  Bhisma is showing his shoulders, to prove these shoulders will take actions in future. Arjuna is telling I will shower arrows on the criminals.  Draupadi is covering her face to show that in future those who are responsible for this crime will have to see the crying of their women.  Dhaumya is chanting the death personified mantra, to invoke death for the criminals."
Dhritharastra was scared but, did not take the indication seriously. Rather the kurus tried to escape the future.  But that was the folly of the fools.
Knowing what is going to happen in the future is not a solution, one has to actively work at removing  it or minimizing the effect  or developing  the power to handle the inevitable. 
Life gives us indications for our future, but some people do not take the indications seriously.
They  are fooled by the time factor, which gives a very strong reaction.  
Life is nothing but event after event, and every event is based on past indications, and creating the future certainties.  Sensitivity to the past, present and future gives some predictable sensible behavior for those who are responsible to nature. Complex  to understand ?
Then we have to judge when we experience.

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