Monday, 12 January 2015


When Duryodhana decided to show off his wealth to the Pandavas in the Dvaitavana forest, his intentions was to cause them pain.
For him pleasure was always based upon how much less the others had.  Since the Pandavas had nothing, and he had gained immense wealth therefore he thought, they will suffer and he will enjoy, seeing their suffering.
Experience of pleasures are many fold. For some pleasures are inbuilt, for some pleasure are getting things sufficiently, yet others experience pleasure in causing pain to others.  Duryodhana saw things and people from his own experiences. Pandavas on other hand, were taught  to find pleasure within, more than without.  They did everything on a practical level to live, but pleasure for them had nothing to do with the externals .   Externally they did things in a certain way so that life went on  because they knew that  things and position were   not pleasure giving. They know that 
If you had something or if you were something, most of the time went in  maintenance and protection.
For the Pandavas pleasure was in meaningful relationships.It certainly mattered where they stayed and it was inconvenient to be in the forest, being robbed off their wealth by destiny and evil minded people.
In  this inconvenient situation their greatest pleasure was in meaningful relationships  with each other while keeping their lord and God Krishna in the centre.
Duryodhana used relationships  for his growth in power and facilities.   Pandavas used everything to  grow in relationships. For the Pandavas relationship was the goal, but for Duryodhana relationship was a tool.
Duryodhana was willing to give up a relationship if  the relationship was an obstacle in his growth.
The Pandavas were willing to give up things that were an obstacle in their  relationships.
Draupadi forgave her husbands for putting her as a stake in a gambling match and not doing anything to protect her. This was acrime which  was unforgivable. The Pandavas forgave Yudhisthira for gambling.They were concerned about their relationships. On the other hand, Duryodhana was willing to sever his relationship with his very father and mother for not getting what he thought he should get from them. He would blackmail them knowing very well that they were attached to him. One may argue that even parents of Duryodhana held relationships close their heart, but one has to see the whole approach, they were using others for their attachment.  Hastinapura was entirely  destroyed because  of their attachment to Duryodhana. They were only family bound, but the Pandavas were bound to family so that they could bind the society for long time to come.
We have to choose what kind of relationships  we are looking for
A relationship that is a goal  or
A relationship  that is a tool to achieve  something else ?


  1. Prabhuji, thank you very much for your insight.
    We had a question- Let us say that we develop a plan, which we think will please guru and Krishna. During the execution of the plan we are bound to end up in a situation where we have to either choose to continue a relationship or to continue with our plan.
    How do we know which would please Krishna?
    Should we, in whatever circumstance choose only for the relationship?
    Does it or not, depend on the person's disposition towards Krishna with whom we share the relationship?

  2. We don't have to plan to please Krishna. We just have to pray and seek Krishna