Thursday, 22 January 2015


When some one tries to make his foe fail in life,  this very circumstance can be the cause of the foe’s greatest success. Some times success in life comes not because one specially works for making it happen, rather it comes when someone tries to push us to the wall and we respond and react in a positive way.
That  defense becomes the cause of  some gain, which one had not envisaged .
Bhima was fed poison by Duryodhana, but Bhima turned out to be as powerful as many elephants put together. It was not Bhima’s plan to be drinking nectar, but he was not the one who would die helplessly, rather he would die fighting.
Destiny and his attitude gave him nectar instead.
Arjuna had not planned to be  a eunuch, in fact he was cursed by Indra’s associate Apsara, Urvashi, but that eunuch hood was used by Arjuna during their period of incognito after being in exile for 12 years.
Yudhishtira was thrown out of his kingdom to live in a forest for 12 years by  the evil  Duryodhana.
Yudhishtira rather than thinking tge situation  to be disastrous,  he used it for learning, growing and purifying in the association of many saintly teachers. He connected to and understood many different forests connected to different civilizations.  He  had never planned  this learning , but it came to him due to his attitude and approach to life.
When Sugriva was sending his army of monkeys, he was defining different directions to the utter amazement of Lord Rama. Lord Rama questioned, “how is it that you know all the directions of the entire globe?
When did you ever visit them?"  Sugriva replied , “ when I was chased away by my brother I was taking shelter in different parts of the world.  I was fearing Vali but this also became a part of my information gathering exercise.”  Sugriva whilst   running away from his brother  learned the map of the world which benefited his search mission on behalf of Rama.
We can see in the history of human race that so many people targeted that others fail, but the people who turned adversity into gain had the right attitude.
Those who failed , failed not because some one planned their failure  but failure came to them based on their negative or positive response.

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  1. Hare Krishna pamho
    Really wonderful article of how using our failure positively in lords service.
    But sometimes we hear in lectures and from senior devotees that Krishna has plan for each devotee. So how to reconcile that Krishna has really plan for us because even though in spiritual life we are heading the we way we want as per our needs and understanding. Pls cast some light on this?