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With regards to different perspectives how one sees, why one sees and how he understands and applies what he or she sees makes things right or wrong.
Some one said  "it is better to have Ravana as one’s brother, because he was willing to stand by his sister at the cost of losing everything. On the other hand what is the use of Rama who did not protect his wife, rather he sent her off  to the forest, even though she had served him for 14 years in the forest."
Their rationale is--- It's not about one is good or bad rather how we see it.  According to them in one perspective Rama is good, and from another perspective Ravana is good.
Unfortunately  the above argument may sound logically correct, but it has a jaundiced view.
Ravana did not protect his sister, he was trying to protect her cruelty.
He was the very person who killed Surphanakha’s husband.To pacify her he gave her more sensuality so that he she would not disturb his nonsensical activities.
Ravana was the one who had raped hundreds of women and kidnapped a  few hundred more.
He was the one who caused much pain to his chaste wife Mandodari by completely neglecting her. She was the one who said sobbing near his dead body,“ you did not get killed by the arrows of Rama, rather you are killed by the tears of mother Sita and many other women who were made to cry by you .”
Ravana was the one who for the sake of his selfishness allowed all  his family members to get killed so that he could continue to remain unreasonable.
Ravana was the one who stole everything that belonged to his brother Kubera.
Ravana was the one who kicked his only well-wisher and brother Vibhishana, out of his kingdom.
Ravana was the one who asked Shiva to give his wife to him as a gift.  Ravana was the one who, when asked by his minster Prahastha, why he had not raped Sita? replied “I would have raped her long back, but I cannot touch her unless she agrees else I will be burnt to death.”
Rama on the other hand, was the protector of his wife, bringing  her out from the jaws of death.
He suffered in separation more than any one could imagine , the description of which is given by Valmiki and it is for everyone to read . Sending her to the forest was not done out of choice,  rather it was done out of duty towards the people of Ayodhya.
With great pain he had asked Laxmana to take her to Valmiki Muni’s hermitage.  Even when he sent Mother Sita to the forest he had the hope that the inhabitants of Ayodhya would repent for their outburst towards Rama and Sita.
Sure enough the inhabitants of Ayodhya repented but it was too late and Sita was done with this world.
She decided to go back to the spiritual realm.
One should read the melancholia of Lord Rama after her departure. His love which was like a  dormant volcano  suddenly broke forth solid rock and erupted into a volcano of love in separation for Mother Sita.
He pleaded and threatened to destroy the whole world.
Rama never remarried, and remained loyal to his citizens, taking care of them, and in return the citizens of Ayodhaya with great repentance and responsibility reciprocated with Rama.
He remained  loyal to Sita, in spirit and in form. Millions of sensitive people choose to love this very Rama, while having much deeper affection for mother Sita.
They both remain in the heart forever never being separated and these people keep chanting Jai Sita Rama.
Now it is for us to make  the choice, whether we want Rama as our brother or Ravana?

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