Sunday, 28 December 2014


Real intellectualism is free from all prejudice. Free from a prejudice caused either by being purchased by some one with more resources or a prejudice caused by our own personal experiences.Our prejudice  should not decide, how we see things and people around us.
However much intellectual power one may possess, unfortunately most people make systems and analysis based on some influence other than intellect. Unfortunately they do not have the dharma to be honest in themselves. The so called intellectual rigor only comes where they are comfortable to criticize, but they do not dwell or have the guts to speak  when the realities go against their own so called intellectual observations. It is very selective.  Intellectual ego is of the highest order, because the so called intelligencia is preoccupied in judging others but fails to self analyze.
Therefore Dharma calls for deep self observation to hear the inner voice.  The  traditional  dharma says" in dwelling  the soul witnesses the supersoul." He is the observer and the witness, we cant avoid him.
Therefore intelligence without proper sadhana can easily be purchased.  If we see the intellectual club of the world, either they are  either exclusive religionists or they are bought by the prejudice.
Rishis in yore time could not be purchased , therefore the vedic knowledge was transparent. One such Rishi was Daumya, he was chosen as the pandava priest.
He was selected when they were in the jungle, and he continued as their priest when they were the kings of Indraprastha.When they lost everything he did not deter rather he stayed on with the penniless   Pandavas. Duryodhana could not purchase him.Daumya gave advise to the Pandavas even without having any resources in return coming from the Pandavas.
Vasishtha was the Priest of Dasaratha Maharaja, he too could not be purchased.He lived with Dasaratha, but lived without his resources so that he  could remain uncontaminated.
If the king was mean, the priest   would  try to make him meaningful by making him understand. If the king would not budge they would leave the king but to move them from their integrity was impossible. The Pandavas  and Dasaratha maharaja were fortunate and at the same time they were kept dharmik by the power of these independent thinking rishis.
Therefore to be free from influence for an ordinary intellectual is a rare phenomena. It is possible when one is truly dharmik, and does rigorous self analysis for his motives and purpose.
A purpose that is beyond himself  his community and his religion.

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