Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Dharma perspectives are very deep and at the same time very practical to implement. Some ideas which are not rooted in dharma, are great ideas and they remain great till you implement them. As soon as we try to implement them on a practical level, they fail miserably.
One of the ideas that is great is that if no body is violent then every one will be happy, let us all give up violence.
But unfortunately all the countries still invest and will contue to invest big money for a defense budget. So the idea is good but can never be implemented.
Some actions are unreasonable but they will continue to dominate the world. Every one knows, and talks about it -'"the consumption madness". If some of the developing countries consume the way America consumes, we  would need five earthly planets and watch around the developed countries are continuing to consume and underdeveloped countries are not far behind.
Almost all Indians and Chinese  continue to imitate American model of consumption.
India will over take America in regards to the number of 4 wheelers in a few decades. But it will be unable to provide the infrastructure, for sustaining the vehicular movement on the road.  
Dharma always talks about harmonizing thought and action.  Thought should be action friendly, action should be fully thought out.  Dharma for effective action requires o profound philosophical thought.
The thought of Duality, or Dvandva, which says, anything in this world, has a second side too.  Good has some bad side  and bad has some good side.  Every person, every thing, every quality, has a utility side and a flip side.
This is the original SWOT from the  duality perspective. Men have a good side and a bad side, and women too, have both sides. Trying to make anything or any one bigger than what they are simply creates conflicts and chaos. Or making them too small causes troubles too.  Everything has its utility and everything has its disadvantage. Therefore Dharma calls for samavada. Equal discussion. Seeing things from material, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social perspective.
Dharma is  a multifaceted reality, and adharma means  a one faced and now approach, therefore it is artificial and nonsustainable.
Are your perspectives wholesome or having holes in different places? 

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