Friday, 5 December 2014


If we have a choice of asking from someone who has the capacity and the heart to give, what would we ask?

Ravana, when asked by Brahma, said, "Give me death from no one, but don't bother to include human and subhuman like monkeys.  I will manage them."  His brother Kumbhakarna asked for sleep. What a desire! We
see in modern age that people are disrobed of their sleep. Insomnia is an epidemic. In Gita, certainly Lord Krishna values the importance of sleep. Therefore, in Ashtanga Yoga chapter which talks about minimizing the gratification of flesh, he emphasizes the effect of healthy amount of sleep. But asking benediction for sleep, is too much. Asking for benediction is an art.

Duryodhana was expert enough to gratify a raging sage Durvasa. Knowing the temper of sage Durvasa, it was not an easy achievement to please him. Durvasa was pleased enough to grant him a boon. Duryodhana asked the sage to go to Pandavas after Draupadi had eaten from "Akshaya patra," a vessel that would give unlimited food every day to feed the needy till Draupadi finished eating. The pot would become exhausted each day once Draupadi finished her meal. Duryodhana, secretly wanting Durvasa to curse the Pandavas in anger, asked the sage to visit his cousins in the forest after Draupadi had eaten her meal, knowing that the Pandavas would then have nothing to feed him. This is an example of benediction to put others in difficulty, which is totally meaningless and full of meanness. Worshipping God for destroying others is perversion of worship.

We should love God without any desire to get anything. Students, these days, are praying to God to get freedom from human body and become a dog so that they do not have to study any more.

On the other hand those who are Dharma sensitive, true devotees of God, prayed for something substantial. Vibhishana prayed for not giving up Dharma even in the most difficult times. He concluded by saying, “The greatest difficulty is giving up Dharma itself.” Yudhisthira prayed to his father Yamaraja to get freedom from lust, greed and anger.

Therefore it is said in dharma scriptures to pray for good character and right purpose rather than skills and unlimited money. Money without character will lead to abuse and assault. Money with character is meaningful and assuring.

What are we asking from our superiors and what are our superiors granting us? Choose wisely and give discreetly.

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