Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hanumana at his birth received many benedictions form different gods.He became powerful by these benedictions.
Hanumana had the power to use  these benedictions and at the same time not knowing how to use them he simply used it to create terror. This was done consciously but out of naughtiness, which was bad but not mean. Hanuman got the benediction without asking for it. Some people want to be powerful to show their power in a very mean way. Many adharmik demons, in the scriptures performed tapasya to get benedictions, with the sole aim of consciously terrorizing and destroying  for the sake of showing their power and being the only ruler. Hiranyakashipu was such a demon, who had acquired the power and who used this power for causing fear and terror.
Hanumana had no such foul intentions. He used the power of the benedictions for the sake of fun. The rishi’s knowing the power of Hanumana, which was power unlimited but innocent, wanted to withhold that power until a future date so that he became mature to handle the benedictions .
Power with wisdom creates help, Power with innocence creates disturbance,
Power with arrogance creates destruction. Hanumana was fortunate  to be transforming himself from being powerful with innocence to powerful with wisdom. This transformation took place by the grace and teaching of the surrounding rishis, of Kishikinda, the place where Hanumana grew.
It was the greatness of the rishis to transform the power into a positive force.They could have destroyed his power thinking that power is all bad, but they knew the force of power and they channelized it rightly . He went across the ocean to look for Sita, and gave pleasure to everyone including Sita and Rama. He became the figure who is adored and worshipped by one and all without having controversy surrounding him.
Hanumana is one character, who  no body objects or criticizes.
Hanumana did use violence, but this violence was a combination of strategy, innocence,  showing the power of Rama to Ravana, and trying to stop Ravana from destroying Lanka. Therefore Hanumana is powerful  not only physically but spiritually, intellectually, and socially.
It our choice whether we use power for the  right cause or the wrong cause , but the consequences of both  are vastly different.

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