Friday, 26 December 2014


Some people are good at impressing,
some are good at inspiring and some others are good at impacting.  Impressing is a consciously thought out  action with an aim to impress, it is very superficial, dazzling and glittering.It has a short of life, like a Divali crackers.
People who inspire are those who in their field of activity do really well steadily and they create inspiration in the hearts of people who see them steadily achieving their goal.
Those who create impact are those, who establish the legacy of transformation. It creates an impact over a large area sometimes an entire nation, if not the entire globe. People who create an impact could be either  a political leader, or a spiritual leader. In India, a great spiritual leader created such an impact and the impact is still continuing. We also have  political leaders, who create impact on a national scale.
In Mahabharata we see the story of Abhimanyu which was very inspiring.
He did something wonderful and  it has stayed in the heart of listeners of Mahabharata. He lived a short life,   but the  story of his life was heart melting.The story has valour and character combined and though it could not make the Pandavas win, it created a lasting effect from the inspiration point of view.
Karna was very impressive, he had great skills, great friendship but it was not beneficial to any one neither the Pandavas nor Duryodhana. But people who seek to be impressed over something external and superficial follow his example.
Arjuna and Bhima  were impact creators.They brought unlimited changes from transforming bad governance to good governance.  They may not be very impressive or    inspiring at all  times , but they create an impact for sure. They were impressive and inspiring  and  they made the legacy of good governance continue for long . 
Impressing can be purchased by advertisement. One can have a grand marriage to impress, but does it fulfill the purpose of an impact creating marriage  ? Impressing can be intoxicating for those who are impressing and those who are getting impressed. But the  intoxication dies down once the festival is over.
Of the three, those who inspire, are non controversial. The general mass likes people who impress and always  wants  to be like them.
Inspiration is heart melting, but inspirational  people are few.
We do need inspiration, but what we really need is impact creators who move things for large number of people and  for a longer duration of time.
Impact creators are not the ones who can be purchased, rather they are the ones who want to see the change in a very distinct way.They live in a real world, and deal with life in a real way.  Impact creators are sometimes  harsh, but they are the one who deliver.
The impact creators do not allow their followers to change   them rather they want them to change the crowd. Ultimately impact creators are impressive and inspiring too.
We have to choose what we want to do in life  impress inspire or impact?  Based on what  we chose we  produce results.