Tuesday, 30 December 2014


The sanatana dharma has a unique approach to life. If we observe and analyze, we experience and realize.  Dharma principles are realistic and friendly rather than imaginary and easy.
Modernity talks about freedom without any discipline, but it fails to recognize that the very freedom creates restrictions. Freedom of throwing or squandering  away one’s wealth without discrimination makes restrictions in a future healthy living.
Unrestricted habits makes one exhaust resources and to fix these unhealthy habits we are forced to follow a restrictive life style.
There is nothing  free in this world.  Material nature does not allow that.  Therefore Santana dharma urges one to live a harmonious life. A little restriction gives a little pleasure.  Restrictions becomes the currency and we can buy pleasure.  Unrestricted pleasure leads to paying in the future with greater interest and by force.
Ravana wanted to convey something which the modern world is proposing. It  sounds great but is highly  unrealistic.
Ravana  said “Sita why you are wasting your youth and time for Rama, why cant you  enjoy with me, whatever you want I will provide, just agree to my proposal.”
Sita was not foolish and imaginary.   She retorted back at Ravana, and informed  him of her commitment to Rama.
The point is who is right and realistic?
Is it Sita or Ravana?
We  see  that eventually Ravana  lost everything including his pride.
One may raise a question that even  Sita lost everything.
No she did not lose everything she had her self righteousness, her healthy pride and her dignity even though she had to go to the forest in the asrama of Valimiki Maharshi. No one punished her, rather she continued to live her dignified life.  Dignified life is not showy and superficial. Dignified life is a life of commitment to values which gives result to inner satisfaction.
At the end of the day when we live a   life of free flow it takes away our very vitality at every level.
There are very few people who make tons of disproportionate wealth based on this unrestricted  life style. They make these bucks in health, food, fashion, psychology, and certainly in technology.  What is the market strategy? 
Target the uncontrolled mind that will  buy everything you tell them to  buy in the name of sweet freedom.They say, “freedom is your right,”  and the silent part of this slogan  is “money and wealth is mine.”
With a controlled mind and controlled   senses we save money and head aches. Look around and you will realize this. No rocket science is required to understand this  principle . Hence we see that Ayurveda professes dietary restriction and medicine to bring your health back.  restrictions give rise to self control, food gives nourishment.  when nourishment happens along with self control, it gives rise to life which is meaningful and fulfilling.

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