Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Why can't we avoid politics? The answer can easily be compared to this analogy.
No one wants to spend money and space on a wash room in the house  but can we avoid it? We need it.  Politics is by nature crooked and the path of politics is one long arduous journey. 
In Vrindavana Lord Krishna played many naughty games, stealing butter from the house of the gopis,  breaking the butter pot and stealing even the clothes of young girls of Vraja. This naughtiness of Krishna was very pleasing to his family and the community, because he was innocent and  he was naughty out of love .
In Hastinpaura and the other parts of India where Krishna was traveling,  the people were not innocent like the people of Vraja. The kingly order and politicians were using politics for increasing the dirt every where.  Krishna had to stop this .
He had to use Vrindavana’s naughtiness, as a  strategy to stop the dirty politics.  There were many people  like Shakuni  who had to be dealt with. Shakuni and his students were like crooked trees and crooked trees cannot be cut easily. Krishna had to use his innocent naughtiness as a strategy to deal with the people who were political crooks.
Unfortunately these crooked people created a situation where  they forced people like the Pandavas to walk away.
People like the Pandavas prefer to walk away  because dealing with people like the Kauravas destroys their character.
When crooked people are not dealt  with then people like Shakuni destroy an entire civilization and the people  who are left behind simply became crooks.This only creates a culture of unending conspiracy
Lies become natural. In that sceanario one has to decide whose lie is profitable, or less damaging?
Unfortunately lies become unavoidable. Political intrigue forces one to choose between the bad and the worst. The method of cleaning  bad politics is sometimes unclean.
It is a clear that this principle cannot be used elsewhere in life just as we follow the principle that what is used in the rest room is not used in the kitchen.
Think about it dharma politics and  adharma politics look  the same but the consequences are very different.

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